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Decking Tecnodeck flooring

The wood has been a classic building material for centuries and as such, along with its undeniable advantages, there are serious drawbacks. Natural wood "breathes", accepting and giving moisture, while changing its geometry. Sometimes irreversible and fatal. Also, regardless of maintenance, it is prone to decay and is susceptible to the destructive influence of microorganisms and insects that irrevocably destroy it. The solution is to stabilize the material with synthetic products. Decoding WPC Tecnodeck flooring are just such material.

Decking WPC floorings are ground wood-bound plastics. This combines the natural appearance of the tree with the strength and durability of synthetic materials. Strengths have been improved without altering the aesthetics of the tree. Unlike natural wood, decking panels are not afraid of water, making them especially suited for applications where the use of wood is unacceptable.

For example, for open porches, harbors, around natural and artificial water basins, park and garden facilities, open staircases, and so on. They are also used in yachting. Another important advantage is that when wetting Decking WPC Tecnodeck flooring does not slip. They have excellent abrasion resistance, making them applicable to public utilities subjected to intensive abrasive loads. The processing and installation are not different from the natural wood. Decoding Tecnodeck WPC floorings do not need painting and maintenance and do not change their vision over time.

Available in 4 colors:

Sandy Brown

Tropical brown

black Decking Colorado red (on request only).

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