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A lot of problems in the modern world often stay unsolved because people think of them as "too big" to solve. We at 'Bestimex' believe that big changes start with a small step - changing the way people think. This is the reason our 'Corporate Responsibility' program is aimed at projects that help change the general outlook and way of life for people in high-risk groups in the bulgarian community - young people that grew up or are currently living in social institutions, refugees, addicts etc. .

High School of Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism "N. J. Vaptsarov ", Chepelare

With its successful debut at the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2013, the young high school team from the Rhodopes proved that there are no barriers to the ambition of young and talented people. Passing 155.57 km with 1 kWh of energy, their prototype, powered by electric battery and solar, is ranked 24th out of a total of 36 teams in this category. Their successful participation continued in 2014.

In 2015, the team ranked 31st in its category, driving 132 km with 1 kWh of energy and so improved its 30% best performance in the race.

In 2016, the team ranked 25th in its category, with 178 km with 1 kWh of energy and so improved its 35% best performance in the race. The category "prototypes" with an electric battery is one of the most competitive categories of the competition.

 In 2017, the team ranked 22nd in its category with 252 km with 1 kWh of energy and so improved 40% its best performance at the race.

The category "prototypes" with an electric battery is one of the most competitive categories of the competition over 50 teams participate in this category.

 The materials for the cockpit of the electric car have been provided by Bestimex Ltd.

 Only the following countries are Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands. Behind us remained countries like Turkey, Russia, Poland, Serbia and many others.

 The team represents the only professional high school in Bulgaria participating in this competition.


"FC Tang Ra" is a continuation of the project "Team Hope". The team has been competing in the capital Futsal championship since season 2013/2014. It's roster is formed by a lot of the players from the world championships for homeless people in the last two years.

 African refugees from five different countries - the Republic of Mali, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Ghana - were integrated into the football team. The senior coach of the team is Metodi Zdravkov, who leads the "Team of Hope" of the previous two world championships for homeless people and has been in the top 10 of the best coaches in Bulgaria in 2012.


Bulgaria has become a regular participant in the world soccer championships for homeless people after "Sports Management Bulgaria" Ltd. became official partner of the Homeless World Cup Foundation for the territory of the country. The team of "Team of Hope", created by the company, has so far participated in two World Championships for disadvantaged people - in Mexico City in 2011 and Poznan (Poland) in 2012. In the first championship the Bulgarian team finished fourteenth of 43 participating teams The second - seventeen of 46 teams. 

The main goal is the social integration of people grown up in institutions. The results of the project are striking - over 75 percent of its beneficiaries are changing their lives for the better. They find work, manage to keep it and leave social institutions, continuing their education. The Homeless World was held in Santiago (Chile) in November 2014.



"RETO-BULGARIA" Association was registered in 2000, its main objective is to support physical and social integration by providing grants to disadvantaged people, mostly drug addicts and drug addicts , According to the person's individual need. All members are volunteers and mostly former drug addicts. They have found a way out and now, as far as possible, try to show others like them that there is hope.

In Bulgaria, everything began ten years ago to help dependent youths and their families. "RETE-BULGARIA" find a building near Sofia, they go there and start to meet daily with the many young people looking for a solution to the problem. The need is so much that in 2002 one more house was opened in Plovdiv, and one year later another in Bourgas. At present, Reth works in more than 25 countries around the world, with about 150 boys, 25 girls and 2 families in Bulgaria.



Our company supported the national teams of Bulgaria in street football men and women for their trip to the city of Prora in Germany, where the first European Championship in this sport took place. 21 male and 15 women's teams participated in the race. The Bulgarian teams performed excellently at the championship after the men took the bronze medals and the ladies received the prestigious prize for fair play. The Bulgarians were the only team in the tournament that did not commit any violation.

Мъжкият тим беше изграден от играчи на футзалния клуб „Танг Ра”, докато дамите бяха от студентския футзал отбор на УНСС. И двата състава бяха водени от младия специалист Кирил Кюлев, който преди две години стана европейски шампион с дамския „Отбор на надеждата” в Мюнхен (Германия).Българските отбори не допуснаха нито една загуба в груповата фаза на състезанието. Мъжете победиха втория отбор на Германия (8:1), Унгария (3:2), Франция (3:1) и Уелс (3:0) и направиха две равенства с Литва (2:2) и Белгия (2:2). Въпреки първото място в групата, жребият изправи България срещу силния тим на Испания. Двубоят завърши 1:1 в редовното време и продължението. Българите обаче спечелиха след изпълнение на дузпи с общ резултат 4:3.

In the semifinals, the national team met the Hungarian team, who beat the groups but this time they did not manage to enter the game immediately and lost 0-2. In the third place match, Bulgaria again beat France by 3: 1. The European champion became the team of Latvia, who beat Hungary with a goal in the sequel. The women's team of Bulgaria won all four matches in the group against Wales (5: 1), Hungary (3: 1), France (6: 0) and Belgium (4: 0). In the quarterfinals the Bulgarians met the England team and lost 0: 2, although two days earlier they beat their opponent in a friendly match. Subsequently, the English men qualified for the final, where they lost to the team of Kosovo.

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