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orange anodized fuel fitting

Industrial Chemical Products

Bestimex delivers specialized chemical products and technologies for surface treatment of metals. Conventional areas of application include industrial particle cleaning, pre-treatment of metals and galvanoplastycs.

Bestimex offers a complete portfolio of chemicals in these sectors

Additives for cleaning processes:

Coagulants, accelerators, anti-foaming agents Pre-treatment of aluminum Chromium 6, not containing passivators, chrome passivation, chromate Chroming Brilliant Chroming Processes

Stainless steels Traction, electroplating, passivation


Degreasing, etching, deoxidizing, shaving, stabilizing, hot fixation, cold fixation Hot galvanizing Purifiers, degreasers, acid inhibitors, cooling bath additives Plastics - pretreatment and metallisation Palladium Activators, Palladium Accelerators, Nickel Processes, Chromium Reducers, Alkaline Preparations Copper processes

Acid copper processes Nickel plating Semi-shining nickel processes, shiny nickel processes, microporous nickel processes Passivation Thin-layer, transparent, low-temperature thin-film, black and blue passivation. Phosphate and dephosphate Iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, dephosphating Cleaning of non-ferrous metals Cleaning in preparation for galvanic processes Pretreatment cleaning Cleaning for stainless steel Cleaning for ferrous metals Cleaning for glass and ceramics Cleaning for plastics and painted surfaces Cleaning for light metals General purpose cleaners

Enhancers For good appearance, for better corrosion protection, to improve friction coefficient Galvanizing Alkaline zinc processes, acid zinc processes, zinc / iron processes, zinc / nickel processes

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