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Powder coating

Bestimex Ltd. is the official and sole distributor for Bulgaria of the world leader and pioneer in the production of Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings. The long history and great experience of Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings in the development of powder coating technologies is a guarantee for the quality of the products offered by Bestimex Ltd., as well as a prerequisite for success for our partners and customers. In its quest to satisfy even the most demanding clients in the architectural and construction market in Bulgaria, Bestimex Ltd. offers a wide range of powder coatings, with a significant amount of powder paint in the warehouses of the company all over the country.

The product range includes a range of 8 Interpon D Series powder paint collections designed entirely for the architectural market - "RAL Colors", "Collection 225", "Ral Mat Collection", "Futura Collection 2006-2009", "Ral Fiji Collection" "RAL Metallic Mat", "Anodising Effect", "Interpon D 3000 - Fluoromax". The collection collection "Interpon D RAL Colors" includes 180 colors of RAL powder paint. RAL colors exist in the Interpon D1036, D1094, D2525 and D3000 series and are Qualicoat, GSB and AAMA certified. The "Interpon D 225" collection consists of 225 colors, 164 of which are RAL and the other NCS. They are part of the Interpon D1036 series and are certified with Qualicoat Class 1, GSB and meet the criteria of AAMA2603-05 and EN12206.

Following the trends in the European market, Akzo Nobel offers most of the RAL colors in matt variant. Matt coatings are ready for delivery, belong to the Interpon D1036 series, certified with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB and meet the standards of AAMA2603-05 and EN12206. Upon prior request from a customer, matt coatings can be produced using the "eternal" color technology (Interpon D2525 and D3000).

The Futura 2006-2009 dust paint collection contains 48 coatings with metallic and special effects created primarily for architectural constructions. Specially formulated for higher durability and stability over time. 34 of the effects in this collection belong to the Interpon D1036 series and are certified with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB and meet the standards AAMA2603-05 and EN12206. The effects of this collection belong to the Interpon D2525 series of so-called ultra-durable ) powder coatings. "Everlasting" powder coatings keep their brilliance for a long time and are extremely resistant to abrupt changes in the environment, compared to conventional polyesters. The Interpon D2525 series are certified with Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master.

Akzo Nobel Interpon D1036 Fiji coatings are manufactured to meet the market requirements for colors in different effects, original aesthetics and a new, attractive surface. Fiji's structural finishing makes the aluminum surface more attractive and distinguishes it from PVC. They are characterized by a high hardness of the coating. Dust paints show extreme resistance to UV radiation and variable atmospheric conditions. Certified with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB and meet the standards of AAMA2603-05 and EN12206. Fiji are produced in RAL 1015, 3004, 3005, 5003, 5014, 6005, 6009, 7016, 7031, 7035, 8001, 8003, 8011, 8014, 8019, 9005, 9010 and 9016. be produced in any other RAL color.

Akzo Nobel's RAL metallic paint collection meets the market needs of RAL colors with a metallic effect. These powder paints belong to the Interpon D1036 series, suitable for architectural aluminum and galvanized steel structures. The RAL metallic paint collection contains 17 colors. All colors in this collection of powder paint are banned, allowing a stable and uniform metallic effect. RAL Metallic Mat colors are certified with Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB and meet the standards of AAMA2603-05 and EN12206.

The collection of "ANODIZING EFFECT" contains 5 colors of powder paint: BRONZO BOND, ORO BOND, MARRONE BOND, GRIGIO ARGENTO BOND and BROWN. Until the 1970s, alluction was the only known technology for the coloring of aluminum. Powder painting has helped to increase aluminum consumption, especially since 1990. when a wide variety of colors other than standard RAL colors and special effects are offered on the market. Nowadays, there is a resurgence of the market interest in aluminised aluminum. That's why Akzo Nobel created this series of powder paint. The "Anodizing Effect" paint is certified Qualicoat Class 1 and GSB and is in compliance with the AAMA2603-05 and EN12206 standards.

The powder paint production of Interpon D3000-Fluoromax Powder Paints is based on revolutionary innovation in the fluorocarbon chemistry created by AKZO NOBEL to increase the resilience of polymer coatings in severe weather conditions. They can successfully replace PVDF / PVF2 liquid paints, with improved mechanical strength. They are environmentally friendly, do not contain lead or VOC. Interpon D3000-Fluoromax successfully passed the 10 year Florida test and are certified with Qualicoat Class 3, GSB Premium, EN12206 and AAMA 2605-98.

Additional help in both exterior and interior solutions also provides a collection of ELEMENTS. It contains a wide variety of colors and metallic powder paint effects. The powder paint collection contains 60 effects of 2 dust types - Interpon 310 and Interpon 610. The Interpon 310 contains 24 colors created primarily for interior decorations, pipe fittings, lighting fixtures, shop equipment, shelves, shop windows, etc. Intepon 610 is made up of 36 effects that can be exposed to outdoor conditions - garden benches and chairs, lighting, agrarian equipment, bicycles, and more.

Bestimex Ltd. also offers a huge range of powder coatings from the Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings products for indoor use. The wide variety of epoxy and epoxypolyester powder paints in different RALs is complemented by the creation of two new dust collections specially designed to support the different industries of household electrical appliances, tubular furniture, office equipment, and so on. - the collections "MOZAIK" and "ANTIK". In a sample, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings is able to produce paint as per customer requirements.

All polymeric coatings produced by Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings are of guaranteed European origin, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, contain no lead and other heavy metals, such as triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) hardeners. In modern architecture, the choice of color is a fundamental criterion that determines the unique look of a building. Akzo Nobel, the world leader in powder coating industry, offers its collection of Interpon D a wide variety of effects to meet the needs of the architectural market: • Interpon D RAL Colors • Interpon D Collection 225 • Interpon D Ral Mat • Interpon D Futura Collection 2006-2009 • Interpon D Ral Fiji • Interpon D RAL Metallic Mat • Interpon D - Anodising Effect • Interpon D 3000 - Fluoromax.

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