Lexan Thermoclick Industrial Glazing

Lexan * Thermoclick * LTC40 / 4X4000 panels are impact-proof, heat-insulating, light-transmitting and lightweight, with two-sided profiled grooves, which allow the panels to be quickly and easily joined together The interconnected panel anchoring system eliminates the need for vertical profile installation, which significantly reduces the cost of the system and provides light, light architecture and façade aesthetics.The impact resistance of Lexan * Thermoclick * structural polycarbonate panels is maintained in a wide operating range from -40 ° C to +100 ° C, so neither hail nor accidentally falling tools or mounting details, as well as objects raised by strong winds can Destroy the panel. These panels in numerous applications have demonstrated the ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions; Storm, hail, snow and ice.

The panels were able to withstand strong heat and cold without visible residual deformation and weariness. Joining the X-shaped and 4-x wall rectangular cell structure provides high rigidity, bending strength, transverse displacement and low weight. Transparent polycarbonate walls and air ducts, in addition to light transmission, also provide resistance to heat transfer, which gives additional advantage to wall facade panels, a feature of excellent thermal insulation.

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