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Multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate is a high-quality synthetic polymer, featuring excellent mechanical, optical, UV, insulating and ecological characteristics. The individual polycarbonate panels are made of two, three or more layers of polycarbonate interconnected with a plurality of rigid ribs oriented along the length of the slab. The air filling the space between the individual layers and the ribs ensures the excellent thermal insulation properties of the polycarbonate panels and the ribbing guarantees mechanical strength.

Polycarbonate multiwall panels are hard-wearing material, making them particularly suitable for public buildings and facilities. The polycarbonate is much lighter than ordinary glass, which facilitates mounting and reduces the load bearing structure. A significant bend is allowed allowing freedom in design. Practically unbreakable material resistant to natural disasters and vandalism. Areas of application Greenhouses, winter gardens, indoor swimming pools, roof constructions, glazing, partitions, hot connections and more.

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