Sustamid® 6/G


Cast and extruded, polyamide 6 is the most commonly used engineering material. With its high strength characteristics, exceptional friction properties and hardness replace phosphor bronze, brass and some steels. Polyamide 6 has a higher export and abrasion resistance than previously thought metal parts.


Production and repair of sliding bearings, spacers, dental and worm gears, sliding bearings, high-loaded gears, cable pulleys and rollers, wheels for high-loaded conveyors, sliders (including chain pads), machine housings and others.

In the food industry. Polyamide 6 in pure form (white) has a FDA certificate for dosing with a nutrient medium. It is easily used as plates and pads of any size in the meat and dairy industry. Sustamid® 6G is registered in the Lloyd Water Record and is certified to produce high-stressed and water-borne parts. Available in the form of rod blanks (8-250mm), thick-walled tubes (20-700mm), plates (10-100mm) and sheets (1-8mm).

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