Sustamid® 46

Material operating at extremely high temperatures up to 200 ° C for short periods and continuous operation at 145 ° C. Available in the form of bars and plates and sheets. PEEK SustaPEEK® Polyether ether ketone. Material many times exceeding the physico-mechanical properties of engineering plastics. With very good sliding properties. Chemically resistant to all chemicals in concentrated even at high temperatures. Working temperature of 320 ° C for short periods up to + 250 ° C for continuous operation. SustaPEEK® is also available in a modified form: SustaPEEK®MOD (antistatic), SustaPEEK®CF (fire-resistant, smokeless), SustaPEEK®GF30 (glass-filled), SustaPEEK®MG (pure for medical purposes)

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